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Recommended Shops at Cherry Creek North

Any visit to Cherry Creek must include a stop at some of the wonderful and unique boutiques, shops, and restaurants.

We recommend you at least stop into these friendly businesses, as we know them to be wonderful people with interesting, attractive, and often delicious merchandise! If you shop first, come visit us last for a pampering "shopper's lower back and legs massage". If you need to shake off your stresses and limber up your body first, let us know and if we have any coupons we would be happy to share them with you.

Marriott Cherry Creek Denver Hotel
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Home Fragrances and Scented Candles we use and Love

Sometimes you simply cannot find exactly what you need in the local shops. In those cases, the Internet works well. Japanese incense is the purest, most carefully crafted incense available. We can create a soothing and relaxing environment by burning a top quality Japanese incense, and we prefer the French Esteban Incense (made in Japan). The most important issue for us is the stick - if you have incense on a bamboo stick, you are buring the bamboo when you burn the incense. We don't like that. With Japanese incense like the Esteban Woods & Leaves Collection, the incense is pressed into a stick shape and there is no bamboo. Only pure incense burns. Since the quality of Esteban incense is outstanding, we choose it for our needs.

Cote Bastide and Sage Onyx Perfume

The room fragrance is Cote Bastide, and one select fragrance is Onyx perfume (roll on) from Sage.

We have had excellent service and supply from and recommend them. These are some of the Japanese incense products we buy, and some of the aromatic candles also:

Esteban Candles to match the incense listed above: Scented Candles

Esteban Ceramic Scented Stones were featured in InStyle Magazine - we get got them as free gifts in our last order!

Home Fragrances and Aromatherapy we use and Love

The high-end aromatherapy featured right now is Dr. Vranjes, also available from GiftsThatMakeScents:

Cherry Creek Denver massage

We are working as quickly as possible to prepare our new space for the shopping season, and hope to continue to service our customers with a minimal disruption. Watch this space for our grand re-opening!

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