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Chinese Massage

Chinese Massage is a form of manual medicine dating back almost three thousand years. Chinese massage is actually a family of massage practices, including many variants which may be quite dissimilar. Scholars have determined some Chinese massage textbooks to be from as long ago as 700 BC.

Hippocrates of Cos (460-355 B.C.) is widely considered the Father of Medicine, but Hippocrates was a proponent of massage therapy.

Over two and a half centuries the modality of massage as a healing technique spread throughout the world. The Japanese developed Shiatsu massage from the acupoint style of Chinese massage. Korea embraced Chinese massage methods and the Korean culture regards massage as a primary healing modality. Modern Swedish massage common in the U.S. today wasn't even defined until the 1800's, after over two thousand years of Chinese massage history. The Chinese adapted massage into fighting martial arts, worker fitness programs, and mainstream medicine. Chinese folk medicine was based in Chinese TuiNa massage for hundreds of years. As Chinese massage advanced, each unique variant developed a following, an industry of practitioners, a mythology of origins, and a long tradition of successful healing practice.

As China opened itself to Western influences, Chinese massage has adopted some western properties, as medical massage practitioners integrated western medical knowledge into Chinese medicine. As China began competing Internationally in sports, Chinese massage practitioners assumed important roles on the training staff. As the population of China exploded and the citizenry sought relief from the daily grind of farm and factory work, Chinese folk massage assumed an increasingly important role as a reliever of stress, a comfort of the body and soul, and a mainstream form of touch therapy known worldwide to sooth and calm the systems of the body.

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